Sunday, November 16, 2008

A/G Student Leader Conference

I just finished the 1st annual AG student leader conference in Springfield, MO. (thats the AG headquarters, for those that didnt know that). I was not sure what to expect going into this weekend, but coming out, it was a very positive and growing experience. I have been tried in a few areas of my life in the past few weeks, and then this on top of that and throw in being a student, and you have one stressed out person, outside of their comfort zone, not wanting to be there, and being very cynical about the entire event. I learned about other schools and the issues and concerns they have, i also learned that there are so many bible colleges and bible schools in our denomination, or as they say fellowship.

I was able to connect and get to know ASB from schools like Southeastern University, North West, Evangel and CBC (Central Bible College). i have learned that they have many of the same issues that we share and they are not all the stereotypical AG school and student. they are real down to earth people, their students struggle with the same things we do. we all share the common bond of not really feeling like we fit into the AG bubble. I was fortunate to get contact info for many of them and hope to stay in contact with them over the next year and even in the future. We all share the common interest of caring for students and wanting to see them grow and learn, but also want to represent them in the best way possible for our individual schools. hopefully over the next year we can travel around and visit the campuses of the other schools and get ideas from them and share ideas with them as well.

overall, through the stress confusion, and cynicism, i have learned a lot about other schools and about myself. this weekend was a great opportunity for me and i am so glad that i was selected to go on this trip.

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