Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well ok some of my life, other parts just kinda suck right now...the fact that I have been doing research since 9AM today with only like 2 hours of break all day- sucks! I still feel like there is so much to do for this class, Media Crit that is..It seems like thats all I have to say to people and they give me that, "OOHHH, I get it." Its not like its that bad, if you space it out and not wait til the last minute, you should be I am told by those that have gone on before me. BUT, last night on the other hand...SO MUCH FUN!!! went to Disneyland with Kelly, Carly, Perry, Rob and Brandon. Best group to enjoy the magic that is the Disney. I think that we should all go together again some time! And I'm pretty sure that its gonna happen! I think that I better get back to the work and the life that is...A senior Communication Major at good ole VUSC! thanks for reading my rant!

Friday, September 19, 2008


The Vanguard production of Godspell is AMAZING...I have no words to describe the greatness in it.  The cast was near flawless.  They evoked the correct responses out of the audience: laughter (at times a little too much...see previous blog) sadness, humor, and just straight up understanding the Gospel (get it godspell...gospel) of Christ.  

THis play did 2 other things for me, (1) reminded me of how much I miss musical theater in my life.  As many know, I was the theater dork, I was the theater major freshman year (shout out to Gaby).  I thought that theater was going to be my life forever.  Then I came to Vanguard and all that changed, but this production reminded me that I still love to perform, I love getting up on that stage night after night and giving it my all.  Seeing and hearing the responses from the audience gives me a huge sense of joy and accomplishment. I have decided, with the help of my friend Rob, that we are going to audition for shows next semester, since it is our last chance to be in Vanguard show.

The second thing that this production reminded me was of the LOVE that Christ shared with us.  That he was not some whack job that went around preaching himself all the time.  He understood what it meant to be human.  He knew our pain, our suffering, our joys, our laughter.  He was a creative, loving, funny guy that walked the earth just like us, with ONE HUGE exception: HE WAS PERFECT! He did not sin, yes he was tempted, but did not sin.  He came to save us from our sins, to love us, to teach us how to love others the same way.  He died so that we didn't have to.  That is how much God loved us.  It was a very real and tangible reminder that God loved us to send his son to die for us, and then rise again 3 days later.  

All in all the Vanguard production of Godspell was stunning, beautiful, amazing and emotional (to say the least).  I recommend that everyone take the time to go see it, its TOTALLY worth the $10 student tickets.  Heck maybe I'll go again and see it with you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i realized

That I have one of the most obnoxious laugh ever...between me and a few of my friends, that will remain unnamed, we are some of the loudest people in the world, and our laughs are even know who you are that I am talking about! Anyways, I love to laugh, I just an understanding that some people may not love it when I laugh.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A wise person once told me that if "life was a roller coaster, we need to ignore the coaster and focus on the people that are riding it with us."  We need to pay more attention to the relationships and the people that surround us every day of our lives instead of focusing on the noise around us.  We should make every interaction intentional and not take the people for granted.  So much of the time we just blow through life...AKA school and Vanguard bubble...and not take time to, as the cliche goes, stop and smell the roses, we miss so much.  The first thing that gets missed often times is the people that make an impact on us, and that we impact every day.  

In this season of life, things happen at such a fast pace that we get caught up in the noise and the activities that happen around us, we forget to take the intentional time to sit and work on our relationships with the people on the roller coaster with us.  So just remember the wise Nic Lauten and forget the roller coaster for a while and focus on the people riding it with you...

Monday, September 15, 2008

I know

that homework should come before I start yet another blog about only the Lord truly knows, but sometimes I just feel like this sovereign we call school is way to over bearing on us as students...I mean doesn't it understand that we have lives outside of this? Come now, it [the sovereign school] should know that we are adults that have work, and friends, and loved ones (some students...that's a different rant).  Enough for now, I must get back and obey this sovereignty that is the American institution of education.  

Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st blog...

So here I am, told myself that I would not give in to this online lifestyle of blogging my feelings...but alas i have succumbed to the beast, and the reality is I might actually like it! Shh don't tell.