Friday, September 19, 2008


The Vanguard production of Godspell is AMAZING...I have no words to describe the greatness in it.  The cast was near flawless.  They evoked the correct responses out of the audience: laughter (at times a little too much...see previous blog) sadness, humor, and just straight up understanding the Gospel (get it godspell...gospel) of Christ.  

THis play did 2 other things for me, (1) reminded me of how much I miss musical theater in my life.  As many know, I was the theater dork, I was the theater major freshman year (shout out to Gaby).  I thought that theater was going to be my life forever.  Then I came to Vanguard and all that changed, but this production reminded me that I still love to perform, I love getting up on that stage night after night and giving it my all.  Seeing and hearing the responses from the audience gives me a huge sense of joy and accomplishment. I have decided, with the help of my friend Rob, that we are going to audition for shows next semester, since it is our last chance to be in Vanguard show.

The second thing that this production reminded me was of the LOVE that Christ shared with us.  That he was not some whack job that went around preaching himself all the time.  He understood what it meant to be human.  He knew our pain, our suffering, our joys, our laughter.  He was a creative, loving, funny guy that walked the earth just like us, with ONE HUGE exception: HE WAS PERFECT! He did not sin, yes he was tempted, but did not sin.  He came to save us from our sins, to love us, to teach us how to love others the same way.  He died so that we didn't have to.  That is how much God loved us.  It was a very real and tangible reminder that God loved us to send his son to die for us, and then rise again 3 days later.  

All in all the Vanguard production of Godspell was stunning, beautiful, amazing and emotional (to say the least).  I recommend that everyone take the time to go see it, its TOTALLY worth the $10 student tickets.  Heck maybe I'll go again and see it with you!

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