Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A wise person once told me that if "life was a roller coaster, we need to ignore the coaster and focus on the people that are riding it with us."  We need to pay more attention to the relationships and the people that surround us every day of our lives instead of focusing on the noise around us.  We should make every interaction intentional and not take the people for granted.  So much of the time we just blow through life...AKA school and Vanguard bubble...and not take time to, as the cliche goes, stop and smell the roses, we miss so much.  The first thing that gets missed often times is the people that make an impact on us, and that we impact every day.  

In this season of life, things happen at such a fast pace that we get caught up in the noise and the activities that happen around us, we forget to take the intentional time to sit and work on our relationships with the people on the roller coaster with us.  So just remember the wise Nic Lauten and forget the roller coaster for a while and focus on the people riding it with you...

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