Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well ok some of my life, other parts just kinda suck right now...the fact that I have been doing research since 9AM today with only like 2 hours of break all day- sucks! I still feel like there is so much to do for this class, Media Crit that is..It seems like thats all I have to say to people and they give me that, "OOHHH, I get it." Its not like its that bad, if you space it out and not wait til the last minute, you should be I am told by those that have gone on before me. BUT, last night on the other hand...SO MUCH FUN!!! went to Disneyland with Kelly, Carly, Perry, Rob and Brandon. Best group to enjoy the magic that is the Disney. I think that we should all go together again some time! And I'm pretty sure that its gonna happen! I think that I better get back to the work and the life that is...A senior Communication Major at good ole VUSC! thanks for reading my rant!

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