Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So this goes out to all those people that I can consider TRUE FRIENDS:

a true friend:

-returns phone calls
-texts back when you text them
-invites you to their events
-is honest about attending said events
-if they can't there is a good reason
-they will let you know what that good reason is
-sleep and homework are not really good reasons
-make the time in their lives to hang out with you
-will answer the phone at 2 AM
-listen to you vent and cry when needed
-will call you to vent
-show up on your doorstep, cuz they know you will be there for them
-will be there for you if you showed up on their doorstep

So thank you to all my friends that were there when they said they would be, and to those that were not, its ok...maybe our friendship was not meant to be. I know who my true friends are...

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j. cross said...

you're ridiculous...but very funny.