Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 already?

It seems almost impossible that another year has passed by so quickly. As I look back over the past year I can't help but be thankful. SO MUCH has happened in my life for this year to go on the record as being "just another year". I feel that most of the exciting things have happened in the last few months of the year, the job, the best person in my life ever, so much change, but all so good! Thank you for everyone who was there to pray for me and walk through the changes with me as I was struggling with so much change so quickly.

Looking forward I see so much good and change in my life and it excites me. I know that the God I serve is a mighty God who is able to anything and he is on my team! He is also the God of redemption and second chances. I was reminded of that this morning as I saw a Today Show interview with a man named Ted Williams. His story is in the link below:


He had it all and blew it on drugs and alcohol in the 90s. 48 hours ago he was found on the side of the road with a sign explaining his golden voice. This interview shows that God is there to carry us through anything and will never leave us no matter how much we curse him, desert him, or walk away from him. Ted Williams gives all praise and thanks to God even in an interview on National TV. Check it out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


For all of you that have been following and praying for me-THANK YOU. I have been praying and seeking the guidance of the Lord in the matters of life and He has guided my paths truly straight to him and his will for me in the near future. I have been offered and accept the Children's Pastor position at South Coast Christian Assembly in San Juan Capistrano and will be commuting down there for work for a few months and eventually move in that direction. It is strange for me to start thinking about leaving my home and family at Newport Mesa Church, but God has something special in store for me and those kids. Its funny how he works everything out for the good of those that love him. I have learned that quickly these past few weeks. God is leading and all I have to do is say YES and follow his voice!

SO THANK YOU from the deepest parts of my heart, as I embark on this new adventure and journey that God is leading me on. Please keep me, the children of NMC and of South Coast in your prayers as are all starting a new adventure in the next few days! Thank you...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WOW...its been so long since I have posted on here... just about 5 months to be exact.. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! I have been to Africa and back, I have changed jobs, I have made it through summer- which was an adventure in and of itself. And now in the past week God has done crazy thing in my life! I don't even know where to begin. As most people know I have been working at NMC for about 2 or so years and I was feeling a little burnt. After africa I was on fire and felt called to full time overseas missions. GOd had some unique ways of helping me understand the fact that full time ministry is where I am called and is the true desire of my heart (desires of the heart is totally separate topic!) When we returned i found out that a company dedicated to teaching theater skills and performance basics to children was looking for a production/operations manager. I was so excited that the opportunity was approaching again I jumped at it with both feet hoping that this would reinstate my past dreams of one day making it as a director or actor. The Lord had another plan for me. After working there for about 3 months now I have realized that church ministry is where the desire of my heart truly is.

Its funny, and slightly scary, how God know our desires better than we do. He knows the hairs on my head, the tears that i have shed, and what i desire the most. As I have been away from church ministry and fading myself out of Newport Mesa, I have felt lost and the joy was gone. This was supposed to be a dream job that would lead into the career path that I had always wanted, but God knew...He knew that this was temporary, he knew that I needed to learn this myself. He also knew that my desire was to serve people. I have always had a heart to see people served and helped. This really came to the forefront when I was asked to do a hospital visit earlier this month. It was such a great time of living life with people and seeing how God is working in them as He works in me! God has a funny way of showing us that he is right and we are learning to follow that lead.

I have been reading the Francis Chan book, Crazy Love, and its an understatement to say that God is rocking my world and flipping it upside down. He talks about topics and the way the God loves us and we should love him that I have heard all my life, but the presentation and the timing of this book to me now is radical. It has truly reshaped my relationship and understanding of the God that loves me! I have been blessed beyond measure this week as most of this has come out and I am able to put into words the things that have happened.

This week: After realizing that full time ministry is the calling and desire of my heart, I have prayed, fasted, and sought counsel about this matter. This has been a crazy week for me so far (and I don't feel that its over just yet). I redid my resume and sent it to a few people that I trust and know would be contacted if churches were looking to fill an open position. Robin Garvin, the Southern California AG Kids Director, has been helping and praying for me through this process. We talked earlier this week abotu different churches that are looking, or possibly looking, for a children's pastor/director. I was called the immediate next day by one of them who I now am interviewing with.

I say all this and tell the blogging world about my life to prove one point: NEVER THINK YOU HAVE ANYTHING UNDER CONTROL! God is in complete control and is there to help us and take the load off our shoulders, if we would just let him. I have learned that its easier to say than actually do. Letting someone else have complete control over your life and surrendering everything is not the easiest thing..but it is the best. Giving God control and releasing that to him has been the most encouraging and freeing part of this whole journey and adventure that I have now been on for 2/3 weeks. Thank you for all that have been here through it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So as of yesterday there is exactly 1 month until I leave for Africa again! I am so excited to be heading back to the people and the place that stole my heart and prayers 2 years ago! Our team is awesome and I know that God is going to do great things with us and to us while we are there! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel next month to Tanzania, East Africa! God Bless!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey all!

I am giving you the opportunity to witness something AWESOME!! Newport Mesa Church is starting something new and we have been given the availability to produce a musical! We have chosen Godspell written by Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak. Stephen Schwartz is the writer of Wicked as well! We have an amazing cast and crew that have been working tirelessly to produce a quality production for all of you! IF you would like to buy tickets contact me with your name, contact info, night you want to attend, and how many tickets. YOu can buy tickets online as well:

The performances are:
Thursday March 25 @ 7pm
Friday March 26 @ 7pm
Saturday March 27 @ 2 pm
Saturday March 27 @ 7 pm

Please come out and support our ministry. IF you have questions, comments or want to buy tickets visit us online, or contact me!

Tyler Choi
714.966.0454 ext. 234

Thank you all!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whats in the Bible? by Phil Vischer

I recently just was able to watch the new series by Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer entitled Whats in the Bible? ( This product is AMAZING!! It brings a fresh new element for every child to learn and understand that big crazy book we call the bible. Its the best learning adaptation that I have ever seen for teaching kids not only the basics of the Bible but every thing in it from beginning to end. Phil has partnered with Tyndale House ( bring this new exciting way to teach the bible to kids to your home!

The first volume"In the Beginning" starts kids off with understanding the book itself: the authors, time period, logistical stuff that every Christian should know. Phil understands the mentality of children and how they learn. He teaches them in their own language and helps them to fully understand and grasp what it means to know what you believe and why. The characters of Ian, Buck, Sunday School Lady, and others bring a great element of surprise and eliminates stagnation and boring teachings about the bible. How songs and questions are incorporated to the story is great as well. I feel that every child under 1st grade will absolutely love this.

I was also fortunate enough to watch volume 2 about Genesis entitled, "Let my People Go!" IN this Phil is able to tell all the stories of Genesis from Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and Jacob in 30 minutes! I have to say that's impressive in itself, but he even does it in a way that kids will love and remember the stories and the significance of them to the rest of the bible! Phil understands that kids need to be taught the story (singular) of the bible and how it is 1 full story from start to finish, but also how all the stories (plural) in that mega story are connected and together form the story of God and his people and how much he loves his people!

I greatly look forward to the rest of the DVDs from What's in the Bible with Buck Denver. Take this time to look at this video: It will explain what Phil is trying to do with this new series and how it started coming out of Veggie Tales.

The 2 Children's Pastors that can tell me why their church and ministry deserves and needs this as a ministry tool will get a free copy of Phil's new DVD series. Thank you so much for reading this. I truly feel that Phil is starting something amazing that will edify the kingdom of God starting at the best place to start: Children!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello Blogging world...its been a long time since I posted and Monday night I had an experience that was totally a God moment. Here is the story:

While rehearsing for Godspell an individual walked into the back of the room and just stood there listening for a while then when the song was over applauded and was generally exciting for the worship coming out of the room. Aaron asked if he needed something and it was clear that this man was homeless. He began to tell us about himself and how all he really wanted was a small bible...the New Testament ones that you can fit into your pocket. As Aaron and the cast stood listening to him talk and tell his story, I searched the church for the bible he requested. I found a bible in the Jr. High room, but it was not what he wanted, so he quickly rejected that and continued with his story. I finally found the one he was looking for and brought it to him. This small gesture that seemed insignificant to me, meant the world this man named Rick. As he was leaving he asked if he could pray, and of course we said sure. He had a simple prayer that went like this, "Thank you God for this church. All I need to do is to Get tighter with you God. Thank you." This prayer struck me as simple and heartfelt. He didn't need fancy language or many words to show his gratitude for us listening and helping him find a Bible.

This was such a great reminder for me of why we follow Christ and do what we do everyday. We are called to be Christ and to show people his love and be an example of what Christ did for his people. When Rick walked in the cast was rehearsing the song God Save the People. God truly did use us in this man's life and he continues to save the people daily. Rick left the room after shaking my hand and giving me a HUGE bear hug. Almost in tears he looked directly into my eyes and said, "thank you! See you here 9am on Sunday." Our God is awesome and works in such wonderful and mysterious ways.