Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello Blogging world...its been a long time since I posted and Monday night I had an experience that was totally a God moment. Here is the story:

While rehearsing for Godspell an individual walked into the back of the room and just stood there listening for a while then when the song was over applauded and was generally exciting for the worship coming out of the room. Aaron asked if he needed something and it was clear that this man was homeless. He began to tell us about himself and how all he really wanted was a small bible...the New Testament ones that you can fit into your pocket. As Aaron and the cast stood listening to him talk and tell his story, I searched the church for the bible he requested. I found a bible in the Jr. High room, but it was not what he wanted, so he quickly rejected that and continued with his story. I finally found the one he was looking for and brought it to him. This small gesture that seemed insignificant to me, meant the world this man named Rick. As he was leaving he asked if he could pray, and of course we said sure. He had a simple prayer that went like this, "Thank you God for this church. All I need to do is to Get tighter with you God. Thank you." This prayer struck me as simple and heartfelt. He didn't need fancy language or many words to show his gratitude for us listening and helping him find a Bible.

This was such a great reminder for me of why we follow Christ and do what we do everyday. We are called to be Christ and to show people his love and be an example of what Christ did for his people. When Rick walked in the cast was rehearsing the song God Save the People. God truly did use us in this man's life and he continues to save the people daily. Rick left the room after shaking my hand and giving me a HUGE bear hug. Almost in tears he looked directly into my eyes and said, "thank you! See you here 9am on Sunday." Our God is awesome and works in such wonderful and mysterious ways.

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