Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have the best friends!

I have the best friends in the history of the world!! when I am having a rough week, they know just by looking at me from across the sidewalk. I have had one of the worst weeks ever, and been getting phone calls and texts and hugs all week long. SO for all my friends out there that are helping me through this hard time. This week marks the 4th anniversary of the death of Brett Janzen, my youth pastor and mentor. It also marks the 5 anniversary of my grandmother and confidant passing away. So over all, plus all the crap that I had to do this week, it has not been so great. There are some high moments, but overall it was a rough week for me to get through. then to top it all off, Obama was elected as the 44th president...obviously i am a conservative republican, and Obama scares me, but I will be in constant prayer for him as he leads this country as our next leader.

Anyways..this is all to say that MY FRIENDS ARE THE GREATEST! thank you all so much for all you have done for me this week. I love you all and THANK YOU!!!

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