Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so it officially Christmas when Starbucks starts handing out the red cup. I love this time of year...It just makes everything all better. as Ben Franklin says, "a good conscience is a continual Christmas." This is so true. Lets think about this: Christmas can bring out the best and worst in people all at the same time. According to me , Starbucks, and others the Christmas season starts on Nov. 1. all the music and coffee and life of the season start the day after Halloween! Another indication that it is the holidays (to be completely PC) is the installation of the coffeemate peppermint mocha coffee creamer in the local grocer's milk section.

i love this season, it is the best time of year. the clothes, snow, family feel, and movies: Grinch, Polar Express, Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Charlie Brown Christmas...and many others! so please join me in listening to the greatest music ever created...the holiday songs!

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Megs said...

So basically a Charlie Brown Christmas night NEEDS to happen.